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Grand Opening

I'm celebrating the recent opening of my livejournal with downloads!!

The high(er) quality clips have a HQ next to the download link.
You'll probably notice that I'm pretty bias with my screencaps
because I KNOW that everyone loves Kame, Jin, Fujigaya, and Tamamori,
but I try to add everyone in...I really do! 

Comments are Lovely (^__^)v

Edit: uploaded megaupload files to mediafire too!
However, you need to use hjsplit to join them

[KAT-TUN]  Now That We Found Love 

This from the time when KAT-TUN was still backdancing for Koichi.
The second screencap is my favorite dance move of theirs.

[KAT-TUN + Koyama, Kusano, Shige]  Kinki Kids Medley 

Song 1: Jounetsu by Kame
Song 2: Boku no Senaka ni wa somethingsomething by Jin and Koki
Song 3: Hakka no Kyandii by All
Not too long after NEWS debut (I think)
Mega:       HQ
MF: 1/2

[KAT-TUN]  Christmas Medley

Song 1: Enoshima no Christmas (I love this song!)
Song 2: Fight All Night
I don't care for Kame's hairstyle in this, but Jin is looking pretty good!
megaupload:     HQ
MF: 1/2

[Kis-My-FT2]  Sennen no Love Song

This is probably my favorite Jr song of all time.
I loved when they seemed to walk backwards on their roller skates (screenshot 4).
Ok, I have to point out Kitayama's looks like he got struck by lightning!
Maybe Johnny pays these guys such a small amount that they can't afford simple necessities.
Uh oh, my idol pictures haven't been selling...Johnny's gonna lower my pay...I'd
better start saving my money, no hair salon this month for me!

[Kis-My-Ft2]  KMF2 Medley 

Song 1: Maria by Fujigaya
Song 2: Chikara by Kitayama
Song 3: Inori by All
I really like Chikara I think the song matches Kitayama's voice well...and
Tama-chan's looking extra cute today as usual.

[Kis-My-Ft2]  Endless Road 

After the song there's a short talk with Kame but it cuts off halfway through.

[KAT-TUN]  Original Blue 

I think this is a really cute song.
KAT-TUN dresses up as different types of people.
Jin's a soccer player, Junno's a salary man...well, just watch it.
megaupload:      HQ
MF:  1/2

[Kis-My-Ft2]  Goodbye, Thank you 

I really like this song but i think it's a little dull.
Let me rephrase's not a high every song.
megaupload:      HQ
MF: 1/2

[Moriuchi, Massu, Tegoshi]  Arigatou Ima 

Moriuchi starts off the song and Tegoshi and Massu join in halfway through.
I really like Moriuchi's voice although I can't say the same for his looks.

[Kusano]  She's All mine 

I think Kusano's English is probably the best out of all the Johnnys (besides Jin who
we all know is fluent XD), but he really impressed me.  It's a fast song, and there are 
a few words that are really hard to pronounce.

[NEWS w/o Ryo]  NEWS Nippon 

Ok, I have to explain the last picture...
NEWS is singing their really happy, upbeat song with all the dance moves and it seems
like they're really into it.  Then the camera pans to the audience, which you expect to
see screaming fan girls, but what do you see?  Bored looking men in tuxedos!!! haha
I kind of feel sorry for them (NEWS not the men)...what a lame crowd.

Talk w/ Yamapi + Koichi and KAT-TUN

I know this clip is titled "Talk w/ Yamapi", but I guess I also could've labled it
"Talk w/ Koichi and KAT-TUN" he basically says nothing, just stands there and looks cute.
Yup, KAT-TUN is BACKDANCING for Yamapi.
The first thing I thought when I saw this clip is "what is Yamapi wearing??"
I think Koichi mentions something about his outfit too.
And at the end Kame does a little monomane of Koichi.

Taisou w/ KAT-TUN

Oh, the joys of KAT-TUN's younger years...when they were still cute.
I seriously love this clip.  For some reason it just makes me smile everytime!!
Even if you're not a KAT-TUN fan I recomend you download it.

[(old) K.K.Kity and Junior Boys]  Sennen no Love Song

I mentioned before that I love this song and I really do.
In K.K.Kity there's Koyama, Shige, Kusano, Iida, Takeuchi, and Yokoo, 
and in Jr. Boys there's Massu, Fujigaya, Kitayama, and Kato (Yukihiro).      HQ

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