January 16th, 2008


Shitota Yuu Blog 01.17.2008 "It's been a long time"

Disclaimer&Warning:  This is taken from Shirota Yuu's official blog.  I own nothing but the translation.  Also, I'm still learning Japanese so there will probably be many mistakes but I'll try my best...please feel free to correct me if you see any! It'll really help my learning process. 

I met the D-Boys members (Yanagi, Kaji, Wada, Igarashi, Suzuki, Akira, Mikami)*☆
Although I've recently been receiving emails quite often from Yanagi, the contents are always the same, and the text in the title says, "gimme a picture".  That's all he sends (laughs).  Maa~ I don't understand the meaning but it's cute so I'll forgive him! (^-^) (laughs).
The picture is Geki Ranger*, Kando Jan Red* played by Suzuki and Rio* the villain played by Araki♪.
They sort of seem like a couple, ne. (laughs)

*First off, I'm not too sure about the readings of the names because kanji can be read in so many different ways
2nd, I think "Geki Ranger" is a TV show that Suzuki is in and the main character is "Kando Jan Red" and "Rio" is the villain...the katakana was a bit strange so yet again, I'm not sure if these are the real names.