January 25th, 2008


Shirota Yuu Blog Translation 2008.01.25 "As always(^O^)/"

Disclaimer&Warning:  This is taken from Shirota Yuu's official blog.  I own nothing but the translation.  Also, I'm still learning Japanese so there will probably be many mistakes but I'll try my best...please feel free to correct me if you see any! It'll really help my learning process.

My column was in today's evening newspaper! 
From now on for half a year I'll write once a month, so everyone with a newspaper, please make sure to read it☆
Aa, by the way I wrote it by myself, so please look at my hard work.* (laughs)
The picture is from the other day; when the company got together for a (meal) meeting, Nakagawa said that tourist Nakagawa-san was sitting close by. (laughs)

*He doesn't actually say "hard work", he uses the term yarebadekiru which has a can-do feeling, kind of of like you can do it or it's do-able.
And I'm really not sure about the Nakagawa part...gomenne  m(_ _)m