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Sharing Costumes & Kusano's Wardrobe Malfunction

I've realized that Johnnys all wear the same costumes!
So I was wondering if they were hand-me-downs or
if Johnny is really that uncreative and can't think of any
other costume designs
Maybe thats why all their costumes look so unfitting on them...
but I would think that a lot of those costumes are REALLY old.
Wouldn't they fall apart or look more worn down?

I went through some of my old clips and took screencaps of
various "shared" costumes.
Johnny really needs to get a new stylist.

First off is Koyama (left) and Kitayama + older KMFT2 (right)
Who could forget those tassels?  Kitayama can rollerskate his way down
to the rodeo!

KAT-TUN (left) + I've also seen ABC wear this one
note: hehe sorry I couldn't help myself with the Kame cap...that hairstyle is one
of my favorites for him.

Shige (left) + KMFT2 (right)

NEWS but I'm pretty sure I've seen Yabu wear something
that looks exactly like it.
Gomen...too lazy to search for it

KAT-TUN (left) + younger KMFT2 (middle) + ABC (right)
These white costumes MUST be hand-me-downs...because they're all a little different.
You can tell who is wearing whos costume.
Koki - Senga - Goseki
Jin - Tamamori - Tsukada
Ueda - Totsu
Kame - Nikaido - Kawai
Junno - Miyata

Shige, Kusano, Koyama (left) + younger KMFT2 (right)

old K.K.Kity (left) + ABC (right) + Others

KAT-TUN (left) + ABC (right)

old K.K.Kity (left) + older KMFT2 (middle) + younger KMFT2 (right) + Others

KAT-TUN (left/middle) + ABC (right)
Ok, seriously, what was the stylist thinking?  These pictures actually make the costumes look good.
If you haven'y already seen a close up version I suggest you do so.  I personally think this is one of the worst Johnny costumes.  You know something's wrong when Jin, who can make a full body chicken suit look cute, is less attractive in this.

older KMFT2 (left) + Question? (right)
Actually, I don't think these are the same jacket, but they're really similar.
They even have the same type of pattern on the collar.

KAT-TUN (left) + ABC (middle[thanks to tensaimaterial])J.J.Express (right) + Others

KAT-TUN (left) + ABC (middle/right)

Toma (left) + Uesato Ryouta (right)

...and of course Jin likes wearing everyones clothes

Shige + Ryo [thanks to insane_desire]

Ya-Ya-Yah (left) + Shintaro/Jrs (right) + Others  [thanks to vreemd23]

This is also a costume I've seen multiple times but I actually wanted to point something else out...
I didn't realize before, but as I was looking at the different costumes in my old clips I noticed that Kusano's pants are broken! Either that or he left his fly down! (笑)  At first I thought his pants were supposed to look like that...but you can clearly see that everyone else's pants are normal.  I actually uploaded this clip can find it here.  The clip is pretty high quality so you can see for yourself.

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