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Miyamoto Shunichi

Who's the new singer I'm listening to? Why it's Shunichi Miyamoto!

Name: Shunichi Miyamoto
Birthday: April 1, 1986
Born: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Aries/Tiger

Miyamoto also enjoys watching movies and playing RPG games.
He also likes cuddly stuffed animals.
His goal is to let a lot of people listen to his music.
Miyamoto started playing the piano at the age of four.
Later, he enrolled to a vocal school around the same time he entered high school.
Credit: Wikipedia

Ok, since you've cut to this page I'm assuming that you have maybe a slight interest in learning a little more about him...but before that I have to tell you that I kind of deceived you.
You might be thinking he looks like a young decent looking singer (yes, not one of those pop idols).
However, I think the picture on top is his best looking picture.

Personally, I think he looks kind of like a bad mix between Koyama and Keita Tachibana.


So, he's not the best looking...but just remember HE'S NOT A JOHNNY
and it's okay because he can play the piano AND sing well, once again, HE'S NOT A JOHNNY.

Want to hear his music?
Here's his debut song (I think)
you may know it from the anime DN Angel

Byakuya ~True Light~ (TV Version)
note: Byakuya (白夜)similar to Byakuyakou(白夜行) the drama

Shunichi Miyamoto - Byakuya

If you'd like me to upload a few of his songs I'd be happy to do so. (I'm too lazy now)
Just let me know in a comment.

1st Half: MF
2nd Half: MF

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