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Shirota Yuu Blog Translation 2008.01.22 "Once again, long time no see..."

Disclaimer&Warning:  This is taken from Shirota Yuu's official blog.  I own nothing but the translation.  Also, I'm still learning Japanese so there will probably be many mistakes but I'll try my best...please feel free to correct me if you see any! It'll really help my learning process.

I'm sorry that this recent update is so late(>_<).  Although I always thought "Today I will update!", recently I have a lot to do, so I get tired and fall asleep. (laughs) Ee~ Photography for Negotiator is also going well and making progress; I'm presently filming 4, 5, 6 stories.☆
Yesterday I shot a extremely weird* scene...Please don't anticipate anything, just wait ne~ (laughs)

*He uses the word "kimoi" which could mean gross, unpleasant, strange - it's an unpleasant/bad feeling
Also, I wasn't sure what 交渉人 was, so I left it out.  He mentions it when talking about has to do with some sort of person.  I looked it up and if comes out as "notary public/negotiator".

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