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I Saw Yamapi!

My friend and i saw Yamapi today!

He took the JAL into Honolulu, which landed at 9:11, and walked through the customs gate at around 9:35.
My friend and I arrived at the airport at about 8:45 and walked to the International Arrival gates.
At the honolulu airport there are only 2 exits for international arrivals, one for tour groups and the other one for all other passengers.  At first, we weren't sure which exit he would use.  We thought that maybe if he came with the staff and film crew they might exit with the tour groups, but after seeing all the Japanese tourists, we figured he'd want to keep a low profile and exit as a normal passenger.
After waiting in anticipation for a few minutes I spotted a man holding a pamphlet saying "プロポーズ大作戦のスペシャル” (Proposal Daisakusen special).   We watched  him walk back to a  group of about 5 other people who were also holding the same pamphlets.  That was when we knew we were in the right place.

Then Yamapi came (without Masami)...

We were standing probably 15 feet from the exit.  I looked at my friend for a second, and when I turned by head back towards the doors, passengers were already coming out.  My eyes noticed a random guy walking towards us, and my first impression was he looks kind of strange.  He walked closer and closer and when he walked right past me (about a foot away) I realized that the strange looking man was Yamapi!  I could hear my friend asking me, "Is that him? Is that him?"  He walked right past us and met with the staff members waiting behind us.  We quickly pulled out our cameras to take pictures of him, but the staff members quickly ran to us saying "no pictures!" and "please turn your cameras off" in Japanese.  The staff members were very persistent in thwarting our efforts to get close and take pictures.  They waited outside for a few minutes until they all piled into a black car and drove away.

What he was wearing:  He wore a black jacket with different patches sewn onto it.  Love, Kikstyo, etc.
Underneath his jacket he wore a black mickey mouse shirt that looked almost exactly like the one Jin and Kame wore.  He also wore slightly destroyed denim jeans and brown boots.

What he looked like:  I personally think that he looks much better in pictures.  He was about 5' 7.5" and did not look muscular like in Kurosagi or his other photoshoots (maybe around 120 lbs).  What surprised me the most about him was his tan!  His skin was much darker in real life than in his photos.  His shade was like the one highlighted in the picture.  Also, his face wasn't as round and chubby as in the pictures.  His cheeks were really sunken in and his eyes stood out more.  He looked really tired, but he had a totally expressionless face. However, his skin looked like it did in all the pictures; it was flawless.  His expression was similar to the one in these pictures... (cred: watchful21)

What he was doing:  As he was waiting for the car to pick him and the staff up, he started looking down and playing with his cell phone.   He just stood there.  He didn't seem to interact with any of the staff members (actually, he didn't interact with anyone at all).
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