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Dissapointing News in the World of Fujigaya

So...the official cast listing for Gokusen 3 is out...and Fujigaya's not in it.  (T.T)

Here's the offical listing if anyone even cares anymore.

Supporting Lead...
Takaki Yuya (HeySayJUMP)         Miura Haruma                        Ishiguro Hideo


Nakama Junta (BAD)    Kiriyama Akito (BAD)                  Miura Shohei

Info from TokyoGraph    English    Japanese
(links from watchful21)

Don't read unless you don't mind ranting...

I can't believe the cast for this Gokusen!!! What was Johnny thinking? (ok, I know I'm just being biased because Fujigaya is my favorite)  Sure, HeySayJUMP is the next big thing...but did they really have to choose Takaki?  I'm sorry, it's not that I HATE him...his aura just irritates me or maybe it's the fact that he's so young.  Aren't Gokusen boys usually older? (Kame, Jin, Mocomichi, Teppei, Matsumoto, Oguri Shun) I think Kame was 18 and he was the youngest. Uuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! offense to anyone but I REALLY don't like the Kansai Jrs.  Also, why Ishiguro Hideo?  He was in Gokusen2 as Hayato's brother.  Now I really don't see how that works out, unless he becomes a delinquent type, but I thought in Gokusen2 he was a really good student!  Maybe if the drama doesn't do so well as i'm guessing it won't Johnny will have to throw in Jin for a guest appearance to bump up the ratings.  The only actor I'm ok with is Miura Haruma...because he has actually acted before (Ishiguro did too but only a few smaller roles).  Most of them have never acted before!!
No matter how hard these guys try I don't think they'll ever reach the status of Gokusen2.

I'm sorry Fujigaya T.T
We all know you would've been great for the job


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