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Shirota Yuu Blog Translation 2008.02.04/06/07x2/08

Disclaimer&Warning:  This is taken from Shirota Yuu's official blog.  I own nothing but the translation.  Also, I'm still learning Japanese so there will probably be many mistakes but I'll try my best...please feel free to correct me if you see any! It'll really help my learning process.

Note: I haven't had time to his other posts will be up later!

2008.02.04  "Kamen Rider..."

Today is a shuzai* day!
I was with the kouhai for a long time, and it gave me a fresh feeling. (laughs)
The picture is of Kamen Rider's Kiba, Seto-chan♪*
He is amazingly good at doing Donald Duck impressions, so if you see him in town certainly ask him to do it for you. (laughs)

*1) when he talks about seto he uses the very polite japanese form
2) shuzai covering an event (I wasn't sure how to translate it)

2008.02.06    "Shuzai♪"

Today is also a shuzai day☆
The first thing (that happened) was a conversation with Koide Keisuke; we will be appearing together with in the new upcoming drama, "Rookies" starting in April☆, he second thing (that happened) was I got slightly early Valentine's Day chocolate, the third thing (that happened) was I received pants from the stylist-san ~(^O^)/  With these things happening I have free time now♪. (yeah...not too sure about that sentence) I ate with friends, and now everyone is playing a Dragon Ball game☆(laughs).  And*, after this I'm going to a Negotiator recording (^_-)-☆


*today he put his writing under his picture
when he says "and" he says honde which i think is okasa-ben

2008.02.07      "Osaka☆"

Today, from this morning, I went to Osaka!  Although I'm on the bullet train (going home) the recent bullet train's bathroom rivals that of hotel's! (laughs) It was so clean I thought I would take a picture! (laughs) Today's contents will be updated again tomorrow(^_-)-☆


*When he talks about the bathroom he's talking about the look of it
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