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こんなに苦しくて こんなに悲しくて
こんなにせつなくて こんなに涙があふれえるような想いはしなかったと思う。
こんなにうれしくて こんなに優しくて
こんなに愛しくて こんなに温かくて
(If on that day I didn't meet you,
It wouldn't be so difficult, It wouldn't be so sad,
It wouldn't be so painful, My thoughts wouldn't be like overflowing tears.
However, If I didn't meet you
I wouldn't be so happy, I wouldn't be so kind,
I wouldn't be so lovely, I wouldn't be so warm
I wouldn't be able to understand happiness...)

I really want to see 恋空 (Koizora)...but the movie just played in Japan and the DVD isn't coming out until 4.25.2008!!
It looks really interesting and i think it got pretty good reviews.

"'On the whole I was quite happy with “Koizora”. It is weepy and sometimes overly dramatic movie at times but still a good enough film for couples in love.  A good “chick flick” with a little bit of a bite and one that won’t have male viewers bored to tears. haha
quote from review here

The story is originally a story from a keitai site Mahou no iRando... so it's not one of those typical sad drama-types (aka boy meets girl, girl has some sort of terminal disease, girl dies, boy is sad).

Starring... (left to right)

Aragaki Yui, Miura Haruma, Koide Keisuke, Kanira, Usuda Asami, Nakamura Aoi

Haru, Fukada Aki, Yamamoto Ryouji, Asou Yumi, Takahashi George, Asano Yuuko

Yes, that's Miura Haruma from 14 no Haha (which I highly recommend) and the upcoming Gokusen 3.

Official Webite

take a look!  I really like the music playing on the page ^__^

Photos taken from official website

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