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The long overdue Japan post!

So, I went to Japan over spring break with a friend (you may have already seen her post).
I finally decided to post pictures~
This is ... the dokix2 experience.
It's too hard for me to go day by day, so my pictures are divided by category

Sorry, I wasn't able to post all my pictures.

Very image heavy!!

Johnny Store Merchandise

Here are all the Johnny store scans I bought!! 
(86 pictures, 3 uchiwas, 1 KAT-TUN calendar, 2 photo holders)
Only the shop pics are scanned in for now.

*These scans are for your viewing pleasure only...feel free to take and use, but onegai please don't sell or redistribute* (we want the johnnys <3 to stay in business after all ^__^)

1) Pretty much all of them are old pictures





Lottery Closed
To everyone who participated, thank you.  I only wish I had
enough pictures to give everyone~!
Kame - is_kazuchan
Jin - 
Junno - 
Ueda - 
Massu -

You can read about why I'm giving these away in the Johnny Store section of the post.

I didn't really want this to become first come first serve, so I decided to hold a lottery type thing for these pictures.
Procedure: 1)  Leave a comment stating who's picture you would like. (Sorry, I don't really check my messages so leaving a comment would be the most secure way)  You can try out for any number of or all, it doesn't matter.
2)  I will stop all entries on Thursday(5/01) at 10pm (Hawaii time, haha sorry I'm not sure what time that is for everyone else)
3)  Next, I will write down all the names, place them in a hat, and pick randomly!!
4)  I'll post up the winner by the next day (hopefully)
5)  Then you can PM me your contact info and I'll ship it out!

Oh, I'll pay for shipping, so don't worry about the shipping costs.

Massu, Junno, Jin, Kame, Ueda (in order from left to right)

Good Luck~!


We stayed in Shinjuku in a little complex called the Oakwood Apartments (highly recommended).
It wasn't like the typical hotel.  There was a refrigerator, sink, bathroom (with furo), flat screen tv,
toaster oven, microwave, washer/dryer (although drying clothes took 5 hours!), etc.
In the apartment they had the same type of elevators as in "The Grudge"
you could see into every floor as you passed was pretty creepy.

Below:  The only KAT-TUN ad I saw, and meals around Shinjuku

The three pictures above are of a shop near our apartment that never seemed to be open
(only on weekdays).  It was really tasty, but when my friend wanted a glass of hot water she
filled her cup up from a self-serve thermos located on the counter...and the water that came
from it can see from the picture.

So, I was watchin this drama and the whole time I couldn't hep but think that this girl
looks so much like Tegoshi! haha

    Yamapi/SMAP ads

If you enlarge the menu you can see this shop that had very cheap food, and one level
of a department store I went to was filled with Rock Band/ Guitar Hero type games.


Ueno had lots of small stores/eating places/expensive food booths/and sakura at Ueno Park.
They had really cheap takoyaki (about $3 for 8 pieces).  The picture after the takoyaki is of the
takoyaki seating area.  Two food stores were next to each other and the store next to the takoyaki
one didn't want the takoyaki customers on their property.

Lastly, there was this good looking guy working on the 5th this guy was really
good looking.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was a D-boy.  He was better looking than the normal
good looking Tokyo guy.  Note: most Tokyo boys look like idols


Shimokita was probably my favorite shopping area.  Everyone was about 18-25 (college student
age).  I HAD to go there because of Fujigaya's drama "Shimokita Sundays".  I highly recommend
everyone to visit!  We went to Origin Bento and they had self serve miso soup...but the thermostat
says 89°C! Yikes~! Obviously someone needs to learn the difference between °C and °F!!


We visited ICU, Waseda, Sophia, and Meiji (for fun)
The first two pictures are from ICU, where we bought ice cream and I saw the cutest little
Japanese boy.  The rest are from Waseda where we just happened to go visit the day of
graduation!  The girls were all dressed up in kimonos and the guys in suits.


Ikebukuro is another great place to shop.  They have some really cheap stores and
interesting electronics.  The last two pictures are of our experience of rush hour in the JR.
It got very hot and stuffy inside the car.  You're pushed up around everyone against you but it's
really not that awkward.  I tried to take a picture of the car's windows, which got unbelievably foggy.
Also...Note: when waiting for the shinkansen, everyone gets into two orderly lines.

Harajuku / Johnny Store
If you go to Harajuku, you'll see LOTS of fake idol stores.  Also, you'll see the clothes lined
up on the streets and pictures of the idols wearing those clothes.  Sometimes they'll have
pictures of idols above a rack of clothes that has no relation whatsoever!  (genius marketing)

There was an Arashi poster where you unzip their pants and find the hidden message inside.

There was this guy at Harajuku who looked EXACTLY like Nishijima from AAA!!
So...on to the Johnny store
First find the guy passing out the tickets

They'll look like this

Then you can come back at whatever time is on your ticket then wait in line.
A little lesson about Japanese clothes...
Clothes only comes in small, medium, and large so if it doesn't fit then you either
1) Don't buy it or 2) Deal with it (as you can see in the picture below)

IMPORTANT: If you ever go to the Johnny Store (and want to buy pictures from more than one
group) then you MUST be sure to fill out the for correctly. 

Instructions + Pictures + My Johnny Mixup Story (explanation for lottery) up soon

Johnny's Family Club
I think I took a picture of everything there...



Tackey & Tsubasa

Tokio                           Toma



Johnny's Jrs.




Posters, etc.

The award is a Gold Disk for Seishun Amigo


Good food, cheap shopping, nice people...^__^
The milk in Japan tastes totally different.  It's a lot creamier and has much more taste.

Osaka is very different from Tokyo...everything is louder, dirtier, more outspoken.
It has a totally different feel from Kyoto and Tokyo.  We went to Tori Kizoku, a yakitori
place owned by Okura's family.  It was really good!  The food was tasty and cheap. 
However, you have to sign in and wait about and hour or so to get in.  Everything on
the menu is about $2.80 including the drinks (which were huge)!
We also went to a famous green tea shop which was delicious.
By our hotel, in the shopping area, after all the stores closed different bands and
street sellers came out.

Akasaka Sacas

The costumes are the ones from Enchanted.



A little park filled with idols in the making.

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