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ごくせん3 Episode 1 - Still a bit salty at the fact that Fujigaya's not in it...

I just finished watching Gokusen3 ... it's ok.  I liked Gokusen2 better.
This cast seems so young and not as good looking.
I really liked the Gokusen2 group, not only Kame and Jin, but Mocomichi, Teppei,
and Kuwata Keisuke as well.

(no one can beat this dynamic duo)
Same type of beginning with trouble between the two leaders of the class.

Anyway...I the whole time I was watching it I couldn't help but think "Takaki looks soooo much like Jin".
(definitely not as good looking Jin, but still)  I think it was the hair and the clothes.

Also, does anyone have any information on Takaki's song? I was actually very impressed.
In the credits it says it's called 「俺たちの青春」 "Oretachi no Seishun" (Our Youth).
If you were wondering...the song starts at around (54:38).
I have to admit...I thought it was a KAT-TUN song when I first heard it.

I think he actually sounds pretty good (for a Hey!Say!).  Actually, in the drama sometimes
his voice reminds me of Jin's voice. (37:29)  Maybe it's just my distorted mind playing tricks on me...

Gokusen Ep1 : 18.3%
Gokusen2 Ep1 : 26.5%
Gokusen3 Ep1 : 26.4%
It did pretty well!  We'll see how it does in the next few weeks.

haha the foreign students were pretty amusing and
the American teacher's Japanese was horrible!

Ok, I'm not gonna ruin the my opinion
this was one of the funniest moments in the episode.

Next...Takaki (the Jin wannabe look-alike)

At the same hangout, getting beat up at the same place

with the same hairstyle and *gasp* Kame's ring?

seated in the same postion with that same look in your eyes

holding your bag the same way....                            Is that Jin? No!  Is that Uchi? No! (haha) 
Sorry Takaki, I still like Jin better...but you still did a good job.  (much better than I thought)
I congratulate you on a job well done!

So we have Takaki's group and Miura's group
(it would've been pretty funny if they put the three Johnnys in the same group)

I don't care much for Miura's hair...but he's still good looking!
They should've done it like his Koizora hair

and I never realized how tall he is

Also, Yankumi's love interest is better looking (in my opinion)

At the ending there was a sakura scene and I was wondering if it
is real or not.  It's so pretty it doesn't seem real, but with the horrible
Japanese animation I don't think they could've reproduced it.

I recommend watching it, I guess.  I think I'm getting a little bored with
the Gokusen storyline so watching it is not on the top of my to-do list,
but I still recommended that you watch it!

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