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Keep the Faith Single

I bought KAT-TUN's new Keep the Faith single today!

Ok, well I'll admit  I'm not in love with their new song.
Actually, it's my least favorite KAT-TUN song aside from Junno's Samurai Love Attack.
Recenty KAT-TUN has become a bit too edgy for my taste
but being the like the other crazy fangirls out there I will follow them to the ends of the earth.

Edit:  I've been listening to Keep the Faith more and its starting to grow on me.  I think I 
just don't like the music video.

Actually I was presently surprised with the quality of the CD booklet.
Usually the singles come with a piece of paper "booklet" that contains only the lyrics
and the only picture you get of KAT-UN is the one on the cover...
this time the single came with an INSIDE picture!!
Wow, Johnny sure is splurging on this one!

So I decided to scan in the pictures...
yeah, I know, the quality's not too great.
I didn't bother to scan in the lyrics, but I'lll be glad to do so if anyone wants.


Inside Cover

I guess while I'm at it I'll upload the single.
HOWEVER: If you haven't already, I suggest you buy a copy too!!

Music Video

Is it just me or do they all look extra tired in the MV?
Aww poor things...working so hard.


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